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Artist, homemaker, lighting designer, Barbara Cosgrove is a success story born of a little girl who was given the extra brick of clay in Kindergarten.  A lifelong artist with an MFA in Fine Arts, Barbara strives to create designs that are personal and life enriching.  Barbara is at her happiest in the design studio where form meets function.

Together with her daughter-in-law, Amy Jo Cosgrove, the duo shares a passion for home and family.  With a Los Angeles pedigree in the entertainment business, AJ moved to Kansas City for greener pastures.  She tapped into her sales and marketing background, with her love of Barbara's designs and embraced the home decor industry.

Barbara loves creating a visual experience and AJ loves sharing it.  The highest form of compliment for us is when a customer takes our designs home and into their lives.  A tribute to Barbara's enduring style, classic with a little bit of funk...the Artist's way.

We pride ourselves on high quality pieces and outstanding customer service.  We manufacture our product predominantly in the United States.  We take pleasure knowing that much of our product is made in the USA.  We are supporting our own economy and providing better quality with less environmental footprint.  For us, that means something, we hope you agree.



Barbara Cosgrove Lamps

110 East 13th Avenue

North Kansas City, MO  64116